Don't Let Patterns Intimate You. Own Them!

Stripes, hexagons, floral themes or checkered fabrics may send many homeowners running for the hills, but incorporating patterns need not be a design disaster and could introduce a modern, instant transformation for any room. Solid colors and muted tones provide a great background, but adding texture or simple design through patterns can change a space from drab to fab! Learning how to decorate with different patterns is not a difficult or overwhelming process. The secret lies in the choice of complementary colors and designs including texture and prints to add personality to your home. The following tips can help you stylize spaces with a mixture of color and layers for an inviting and truly aesthetic appeal.
If you have no clue where to start, first consider which color palettes you prefer. Many trends are available including seasonal tones and finishes, but should only be used as a guide or for inspiration. Never choose something you do not find pleasing and only adopt it because it is the fashionable thing to do. Look at one room at a time, including the colors of the walls and floors. Select patterns and shades to enhance these features. For a classic look, black and white with splashes of gold add personality and a chic style solution.
Add scatter cushions with bold colors and patterns to instantly change a plain and boring living area.
If you are not too keen on bright shades, you can pick patterns in similar tones to the walls, floor and furniture by layering. Throws, scatter cushions, and accessories with different shapes and consistencies provide texture while keeping the colors very neutral and minimal as seen in the example below.
The use of strong blacks and whites is complemented by the contrasting beige and suede fabric chairs with wooden legs, paired against a glass top table and bird accessories. While you may not initially believe that glass, wood and a neutral fabric may work, it comes together very tastefully in this presentation. The trick is to blend the assorted styles and layers together to produce a beautiful looking space that is also practical. It does not have to be expensive and is one of the most valuable ways to enhance the look and feel of rooms and living spaces without a major renovation and its associated costs.
Get creative and combine patterns with distinct tones by pairing samples and determining what looks good together. If you are not sure about a design preference, consider a white backdrop or neutral furniture and walls with the addition of accessories to add that much needed color. Once you have chosen your base tones, it becomes easier to select patterns to break the neutrality.
You could keep the walls and floors plain white, beige or cream and incorporate a patterned couch as a real style statement.
This neutral lounge in the above picture combines texture and patterns to decorate the room without being too distracting. The cushions and accessories offer hints of blues and whites in different shapes against the contrast of the angular black chairs and table. To make the living area more inviting and casual, it has been toned down with the unique rounded wooden seats.Working with varied materials can help produce a pleasant room or entertainment area at a fraction of the cost of an extensive remodel. Simply moving furniture around and incorporating accessories can help produce a relaxed, practical and modern space.

If you are going to use large patterns including fabrics with concentric circles or squares, it is best that the remainder of the room stay neutral. Keeping the walls beige or white allows you to safely introduce patterns on rugs, artwork and accessories without it appearing too overwhelming or overpowering. You can mix smaller dots with larger circular patterns when decorating rooms. Do not stick to one style, but implement designs that add warmth and excitement when you enter the space. To achieve this mixture of patterns effectively, it is best to make use of scale. A patterned couch with scatters or throws in similar shapes on a lesser scale creates contrast. Ensure that you achieve balance so the area does not appear distracting or over the top.
The best way to make a notable change in any living room includes the application of prints. Animal print, stripes or polka dots are fun and unique. A blanket or a few smaller cushions with these designs can provide a modern decorative solution.
Create a mixture of tones from the same color palette using patterns and prints. You can apply a darker shade of beige to the walls and add print of lighter beige tones to best complement the room and ensure that it creates a cohesive space. These steps are easily applied and may produce the most impact without having to implement too many shapes and eccentric patterns.
Floral prints have become increasingly popular providing a natural and bright feel including the application of wallpaper, throws, scatters and rugs. To enhance the appearance of a plain or bare wall, the addition of framed or canvas flower patterns in artwork can provide an instant blast of color.
These patterns can appear most attractive when used correctly. A failure to consider scale can cause imbalance and an odd outcome. Throw a couple of floral patterned scatter cushions across your couch in beautiful tones. For more of a tropical theme, leafy or tribal prints can create the right impression. Picking up on the specific colors in the pattern and within the room will tie everything together.
Beginners can test their creativity by combining different patterns of similar shades and styles. The bedroom could benefit from a specific print on the sheets and pillows picked up on a feature wall. Matching these designs can provide a uniform appeal and break the similar tones that are too mundane. Enjoy the experience of pattern decorating!

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