How to Pick the Best Curtains for Any Room

The curtains are an important piece in every home, both for practical and aesthetic purposes. Curtains protect the indoor space from cold air that comes through the window and the sun rays that tend to produce too much light and heat. But they also bring a decorative note to every room where they are installed, with interior designers using their properties to complete the look of a space. Would you like to know how to pick the best curtains for each of your rooms? Read below and enjoy some tips that will definitely help you out.
Decide on how much light you want in the room
When you start shopping for curtains, you will notice that some are more opaque while others are made out of sheer materials. The opaque ones will block the light that comes through the window, so the room will be darker and will provide a more private atmosphere.
These types of curtains are most suitable for the bedroom, especially if you wake up early in the morning and don’t appreciate too much light getting in your room through the windows.
In the living room or other rooms that would use more natural light, go for the sheer curtains, which won’t prevent the light from getting in.
Also, as a practical tip, if you want to enjoy as much natural light coming from the sun as possible, pick curtains with more neutral earth tone colors, instead of bold curtains, because the colors may fade in time under the action of the sun’s light.
ginny emily henderson
Emily Henderson's living room makeover exemplifies the style that can be created with a nice sheer curtain. It's a fairly bright overall living room, and the curtains serve to add framing when not drawn, and some privacy when drawn. 
Make some measurements first
The curtains you are about to pick should match the height and width of the window, plus your personal preferences of how long and draped they should be, so you need to take some measurements first.
If you like a more draped look, the width of the drapes should be 3 times the width of the window, so once installed it will produce sufficient creases.
When deciding upon the length of the curtain, measure the space between the rod and the floor. Do take into account the rings and other hanging hardware, which will affect the final length of the curtain. Also, decide whether you need the curtain above the floor, touching the floor, or even folding a bit on the floor, when making the final measurements.
Still, you should know that the closer the curtains are installed to your ceiling, the taller the room will look, so take this aspect into account as well.
emily henderson style
Emily Henderson knocks it out of the park again, with this simple bedroom that is accented by pops of color, antique sidepieces, and sheer tall curtains. Here, the curtains are set ABOVE the actual window, which makes the room appear bigger and taller, even when it may not be. 
What material is the most appropriate?
To answer this question, you need to think about the purpose and style of the room you are about to decorate with curtains.
For a more casual appearance and a relaxed vibe, curtains made out of cotton or linen are more than perfect. They will also allow plenty of light into the room, so they should be used in those parts of the house where you would enjoy a lot of natural light.
If you want to obtain a more dramatic, elegant, or formal appearance, go for materials that are heavier, such as velvet or suede. They will be quite efficient at blocking the sunlight, so the room will appear more sober and darker, but also elegant at the same time if accompanied by the right type of furniture and decorations.
When you are at a curtain shop or a store with fabrics, try to put the preferred materials against the window, to see how it looks and how it filters light.
country curtains
The paisley curtains in this living room are solid and serve as a bold accessory to the room itself. Here, they are again raised above the window itself, which lends the room to feeling more spacious, even though the curtains are in a solid non-sheer material. The rest of the room is kept basic and white in order to balance the bold curtains.  
Choosing the perfect style
When it comes to the style of our curtains, your imagination is the limit. Still, if you want to make the room appear cohesive, you should consider other elements in the room such as color and indoor decoration style.
Also, you need to think about the effect you want to create by adding curtains in a particular room. If you want to make the curtains a statement piece of the room, you should opt for strong colors and bold patterns. If you don’t like patterns, you can always choose curtains in a solid color, as long as the color creates the desired effect.
In case you want the curtains to blend in and appear like a natural extension of the room, curtains in natural and neutral colors or patterns will help you achieve this effect.
thistlewood farms
Curtains can make or break a room, so why not go for it and really use them to  your advantage! Make your curtains reach from ceiling to ground, or make them smaller and adorn the top of your windows! No matter what, curgains will only be a plus if styled correctly. 
Curtains that are washer-machine-friendly or dry-clean only?
The maintenance of the curtains you are about to purchase will extend or shorten the life of your curtains. So, you need to have this in mind when picking the best curtains.
Are you willing to wash them in the washing machine? Then you should look for curtains that can receive such a treatment. Do have in mind that high-quality curtains can be completely ruined if they are washed at home, in case they should receive a different type of cleaning. So always ask about the way the curtains can be cleaned, before purchasing them.
You should know that not knowing how to properly clean and maintain your curtains can generate costs and a lot of headaches on the long run. After all, you won’t want to see your curtains ruined too soon.
country curtains
These natural fiber sheets fall and drape beautifully, but they should be washed in cool to warm water, with very gentle, natural detergent. Harsh detergents will wear down the natural fibers, and bleach is definitely not recommended. When drying, air drying is best, but a quick 5 minute tumble can also work when trying to remove excess moisture. So although dry cleaning isn't necessary here, this is just one example of a curtain material that is finicky. Be careful of which material your curtains are made of, and be sure to read the washing instructions!
Ask a specialist
Do you have questions or would you like to be helped by a professional when choosing the curtains for your home? You can always call a professional at your home to see what it is all about and talk about the types of curtains that are best in your case. Or you can benefit from such consultations online, depending on your preferences.

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