Plush to Proper - Which Couch is Best for Your Style?

A sofa is more than just a piece of furniture - it reflects lifestyle and serves as an investment in the practicality and aesthetic of your home. While you could follow the latest interior design trends, the selection of beautifully crafted and comfortable couches that will last for years to come should form the basis of your purchase decision. The following tips provide simple guidelines on couch styles and how they fit your style.
If you are shopping for a new lounge suite or single sofa, the wide range of shapes, colors, sizes and materials can prove overwhelming, often stalling your choice or leading to a rushed and problematic buy.  Not only does your furniture need to best complement the space, but it should offer functionality. Spending long lazy days snuggled on the sofa reading a book should be comfortable, while family rooms should incorporate conversational pieces that add warmth and texture to the environment. Different design trends do not have to involve furnishings that simply clash with personal preference, but smaller elements to bring the modern theme into your home. Once you have decided on a couch style, place scatter cushions and lush throws in seasonal colors to invite the latest interior decorating ideas into living spaces.
Take your time when selecting sofas and consider the available space, wall colors, and lighting as these will affect the overall look of your furniture. Pay attention to the material including its feel and longevity. If you have small children or pets, you want plush and durable materials that are easy to keep clean. A more contemporary room created for entertainment may include leather features for a sleek and sophisticated statement. Trends range from the return of the low curved sofas from the 80s to large chunky pieces creating a cozy feel. If you are unsure about choosing a particular couch style, draw inspiration from a favorite bedding pillow or colors on a duvet that best reflect your personality.
The following couch styles provide a detailed breakdown of available designs to make the best choices representative of your personal interests and ease of maintenance.

The Chesterfield

chesterfield, alexandivy, chic
Finch Hudson Furniture
Regal, elegant and rich in history are the best terms to describe a Chesterfield couch. These couches consist of a fully buttoned backing with rolled arms allowing you to sit upright without the need for scatter cushions. It is a very formal piece created with an old-world charm including leather material highlights for a more masculine feel. Finch Hudson Furnitures creates a beautiful Chesterfield with deep tufting on a leather finish.

The Camelback 

camelback, alexandivy, couch, chic
Ole Wanscher 
A design reminiscent of the 18th century, the camelback has a high arch in the center and characteristic wooden legs providing a sense of elevation for the room. This couch style is great for a contemporary home or lovers of the classic elements. Ole Wanscher, a classic Danish designer, creates this elegant Camelback Sofa with Brazilian Rosewood Legs and Belgian Linen. It features a tufted back panel with simple clean arms. 

The English 

english, couch, alexandivy, chic
Flavor Furniture
Sticking to the rolled arm trend, the English couch is recognized by its tightly knit upholstery and large round arms with very low level legs. It is great for contemporary spaces looking to add warmth and charm, or for people with an appreciation for country living. Flavor Furniture of New York City has created a very clean, elegant version of the English sofa. They kept the arms small and dainty and added a unique footing design of carved wood.  

The Bridgewater

bridgewater, lor fords antiques
Lorfords Antiques
Bridgewater couches have small rolled arms and a lower back and center arching upwards at the sides. This is a less flashy type of sofa and suited to individuals who want a comfortable, easy to maintain item of furniture. Lorfords antique offers a 20th century interpretation, with a smaller overall frame, dainty wooden legs, and low lying arms. 

The Loveseat

loveseat, Slagelse Mobelvaerk, alexandivy
Slagelse Mobelvaerk
Loveseats are simple and form  a part of a larger set and include a straight back with squared arms. It is a small design and best for empty spaces that need to be filled. The basic features are easy to keep clean and great for an apartment lifestyle. Slagelse Mobelvaerk, another classic Danish designer, goes about the loveseat design in a modern fashion, with no removable cushions, and a curved back panel that extends into the arms. 


sectional sofa, couch, alexandivy, chic

Vladimir Kagan
For a bold and modern personality, the sectional sofa is a popular choice available in different materials and combinations from a 3 to a 5 seater. A large and sophisticated living room can benefit from such a design incorporating a traditional L-shape or a more inviting U-layout. These versatile pieces are easy to move into the desired format. It suits a modern lifestyle, the classic entertainer, and larger families. A sectional range is available in leather and material. Vladimir Kagan brings a bold color to an otherwise traditional L-shaped sectional. 

The Lawson 

lawson, couch, alexandivy, chic
The Lawson is the epitome of comfort. For those who enjoy lounging on the sofa on a rainy day or lazy afternoon, Lawson sofas are great additions. These couch styles offer a loose back of large pillows and are easy to keep clean. It is a popular design available in different sizes and most complementary for a casual personality. Objectiques Lawson couch achieves just that, but with a colorful pattern that is interlaced throughout the couch cusions.

The Knole

knole, couch, alexandivy, chic
Cain Modern
For a large room requiring a contemporary furnishing feature, the knole sofa is highly recommended. It is based on the shape of large benches of the 17th century with a distinct high back and slightly angled arm rests.The large couch is comfortable yet provides a unique character and charm for a modern and easy going personal style. Cain Modern Furniture from Hollywood, California, showcases a whimsical take on the Knole style. It features crisp white linen, and is accented with silver knobs that "draw" the sofa together. 

The Mid-century Contemporary 

MCM sofa, mid century modern, alexandivy, chic
Ole Wanscher
For a very streamlined home and personal character, a modern mid-century sofa style can create a sleek appeal. These couches are designed with low legs and angular shapes perfect for a classic look paired with the latest accessories and neutral colors. Ole Wanscher's classic charm does it again with this clean and elegant design. The wooden legs are slick and contrast with the crisp white linen of the couch. 


tuxedo, couch, alexandivy, chic
At Home Modern
If you enjoy a bit of glitz and glamor, tuxedo couches can provide the perfect combination. The arms and back of the chairs are usually the same height, providing an elevated appeal. It incorporates exposed legs delivering visual sophistication. The furniture looks its best in calmer neutral shades, but may be enhanced with bold scatter cushions. At Home Modern showcases the bold tuxedo design in this intriguing shade of green. The low wooden legs serve to ground this piece into any room its set in. 

The Cabriole

cabriole, couch, alexandivy, chic
Julia Boston Antiques
A cabriole couch is an 18th century classic recognized by its distinct curved legs and the same height across the back and the arms. Available in different styles and colors, you can purchase a buttoned back or unique pattern. These beautifully crafted suites are suitable for individual tastes owing to its unique design, have a particularly old-school antique feel. Here, Julia Boston Antiques showcases the style in a French, canape style, with elegant wooden legs and arms that are padded with detailed fabric.
The selection of couch styles that best complements your personal style requires a careful look at the ranges available. Choosing furniture should be a pleasant experience with consideration for designs that reflect personality, provide exceptional quality, and will instantly transform a room.

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