Quick and Affordable Ideas to Revamp Your Bedroom

Ah, the bed, one of the few places in the home where, if you’re lucky, you can get a little peace and quiet as you relax and unwind. Your bedroom should be your safe haven, and should be a beautiful, yet relaxing space, but sadly that isn’t always the case for some people. Some people’s bedrooms leave a lot to be desired and function primarily as a room to get some sleep in, and not much else. If you want a stunning bedroom but don’t feel as if interior design is your strong suit, then worry not, because here we’ll be sharing some tips with you to help you create the bedroom that you’ve always dreamed of. Below we’ll be looking at some quick, affordable, and highly creative things you can do that will instantly transform your bedroom, without you spending a fortune and tiring yourself out in the process.

New bedding

First and foremost, if you instantly want to transform your bedroom, you should invest in some new bedding. New bedding, complete with bedding pillows and new sheets, can actually function as a focal point for your room. Obviously your bed will be the star of the show, so your bed really needs to stand out. Exactly how, well, that’s entirely down to you and the look you’re going for. You can go for coloured bedding, bedding with a pattern, printed bedding, vintage-style sheets, modern, or anything else. Not only does new bedding look fantastic, it also feels amazing to sleep in for the first time.

Try Alex&Ivy's Hotel Collection Sheet Set for a crisp new look for your bedroom. With a 300 thread count sateen weave, this set is both visually stunning and luxuriously comfortable. It also serves as a great foundation to build the rest of the room off of. For example, throw a Mendocino Pillow (complete with tassels!) on your sheets to give a sophisticated finish to your bedroom. 

Match your curtains with your sheets

Along with your new sheets, you should also match up your curtains so that everything works together effortlessly. If, for example, you are going for blue bedding, your curtains should also be blue, or at the very least, contain blue in there to help blend everything together.

sheer curtains, madura home

Madura Home Sheer Curtains
The Madura Home Sheer Curtains shown here offer a nice alternative if you can't decide on one color or pattern for your curtains. By going the sheer route, the curtains will most likely go with any theme in the room because its ultimate feature is to let light in through its opaque sheets while still providing a level of privacy for the inhabitants, which leads us into our next point... 

Allow for plenty of natural light

Whilst it will generally be dark when you’re in bed, that does not mean that you will want your bedroom to be dark, because in fact, the lighter it is, the better. Natural light helps create a warm, welcoming, and relaxing space and helps to make the room appear more attractive. Because of this, ideally you should think twice about dark window blinds or large curtains that help block out the light, even when they’re open. You generally can never have too much natural light in your bedroom, or pretty much any other room in the house for that matter, so embrace the light.

Create a feature wall

If your bedding is soft and subtle, you may wish to instead create a feature wall which becomes the focal point of the room instead. With a feature wall, you can really get creative and can be as brave and as bold as you like. Most feature walls in bedrooms will consist of eye-catching wallpaper, or perhaps bold and vibrant colours that help tie all of the other furnishings in the room together perfectly. Some however, choose to go with other furnishings instead, such as large mirrors, paintings, or sculptures and works of art perhaps? If the rest of your room is neutral, going with a feature wall is a great way of livening things up and adding a little color, without going too wild.
feature wall
The feature wall set in stone in this example does an excellent job of using a natural, soothing material to bring together the room. It establishes some warm tones, and allows the owner to accessorize with earth toned furniture, paintings, and tables. 

Paint your ceiling to match your walls

If you really want to get brave, you should embrace what many interior designers call ‘the fifth wall’. This is of course the ceiling, and if you have the guts, you can create an absolutely stunning space if you match the ceiling with the rest of your walls. Basically, you simply treat the ceiling like another wall, and rather than going with the tried and tested brilliant white, you instead go with the same colour as you have on your other walls. To help to break up the colours slightly, include crown moulding around the edges and you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes. Another great idea would be to turn your ceiling into your feature wall. So, as an example, if your other walls are a neutral cream, you could paint your ceiling a deep red, and furnish the rest of the room with accessories with hints of red. In particular, red bedding pillows would work very well with the ceiling, along with cream bed linen.

feature wall

This feature wall is centered around the stark geometric patterns on white print, and although simplistic, it brings the room together by also extending onto the ceiling. The feature wall is truly used as the most effect accessory in this room. 

Consider indoor plants

indoor plants, interior decorating
Another great focal point for your bedroom would be to include a large potted indoor plant or two to add a little greenness to the decor. Plants help to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and can help to break up colour schemes which may be considered dull and lifeless. You can even add a little extra colour by throwing in a bright and vibrant pot to keep the plant in. If you are going for a real plant, make sure you look after it because there is nothing more depressing than a dull, lifeless, dead plant just rotting away in the corner of your room.

Have a rearrangement 

Another great way of transforming your room is to simply reshuffle and rearrange everything. Try moving your bed, desk, bedside tables, wardrobes, and anything else you can think of, into different parts of the room and see what works, and what doesn’t. This is fairly easy if there are two of you, and best of all is the fact that it won’t cost you a single penny.

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