Color of the Year in Your Home

Pantone's new color of the year for 2017, Greenerybrings life to any of your living spaces.  Get rid of those winter blues with a fresh pop of this bright yellow-green shade.
In this modern world connecting with nature is more important than it's ever been. Try some of our tips for incorporating Greenery into your home.  

Tip 1:  Add fresh plants to your home. 

Happy Friday!

Live plants not only look great but they also serve a purpose.  Houseplants can help cleanse and purify the air in your home.  Have a black thumb?  No worries, check out HGTV's guide to low maintenance houseplants: 

Tip 2:  Update your decor.

Silent Woods Duvet Cover

Refresh your bedding with our lovely Silent Woods duvet cover set with matching shams in the refreshing "Awakening" color.  The bright yellow-green floral pattern is an easy way to bring the shapes and colors of nature to your bedroom.  

Tip 3:  Try a DIY project. 


 Our favorite project is this DIY Lightbulb Terrarium by, check out the link here.  With just a short trip to the craft store and a few things you probably have laying around already, you can turn a lazy afternoon into a fun crafts night.  Invite a few friends over and share your favorite terrarium ideas. This Pantone Greenery inspired cocktail is perfect for a night of nature-inspired fun! 
 Happy Decorating!

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