Your Bed Wants a Makeover Starting with it's Headboard

Headboards are designed in various shapes, sizes, and colors, adding a striking focal point for the bedroom. Many underestimate the impact that a headboard can make, leaving rooms bare and without a solid feature to ground or enhance the space. The primary purpose of this style of furniture is aesthetic, but modern and innovative creations have incorporated shelving and storage to produce unique and space saving finishes. Making the right choice can help transform your bedroom from a drab space to one that is inviting, modern and complete. Including available styles from solid to slatted or upholstered will encourage Feng Shui, balanced energy, and peace in your intimidate living spaces. Learning which headboard is right for your bed will complement your personality for attractive and practical results.

What is a Headboard?

Headboards are simply the boards located at the back (and sometimes front) of a bed to finish off overall appeal and is often placed against a wall. It creates a barrier between the cushions and the rest of the bed. Designs include solid wood, traditional, leather, charming buttoned, and padded, but with such variety determining which style will add the best look and value can be tough. The versatility of such furniture means that it should be partly based on your personal style and partly on practicality. You cannot buy an oversized and regal backboard for a small room or single bed as it will simply overpower the space. It must serve a functional and an aesthetic purpose, but also introduces important elements and balance to help produce a tranquil and relaxing environment. The following tips can help you purchase the best headboard for your lifestyle and completely enhance the look and feel of your bedroom.

Types of Headboards


david stein, stephanie bed
David Stein
The more common headboards consist of wood including dark stains, mahogany, and natural shades. Many styles offer beautifully carved features providing an impressive appeal for the room. These wooden designs are far more costly than regular backboards and look best in large rooms with solid furniture. If you place a thick and sturdy wood headboard in a room with fine furniture and a feminine touch, it will throw the space out of balance.
Bedrooms with an old-world charm can add character with the traditional curves and patterns common in wood headboards. Incorporating a padded material provides warmth and texture to an indoor environment that may appear cold and dreary. Slatted wood boards represent openness and an airy feel while a solidly constructed backboard dictates strength and boldness. David Stein's signature wood headboards are in a class of their own. Each one is hand made in his factory out in Illinois, and everything is certifiably local!


dlv, giac bed, upholstered headboard
An upholstered headboard consists of a wood frame draped in material from plush suede to faux leather and genuine leather. It can be buttoned, stitched or textured and available in various colors to complement any theme of room and personality. The buttoned backboard is popular because it suits all types of rooms whether you are looking to add a feminine appeal or large curved board in a masculine shade. The buttons in upholstered designs may incorporate sparkle with a soft material or dark smooth buttons common in leatherette or sheer leather manufacture. Create a modern and an outstanding feature for the bedroom with cool shades in contrast to the walls. Contemporary and sophisticated or quaint décor is best complemented by an upholstered and fully buttoned backboard for a regal finish. DLV's take on the headboard actually extends into the entire bed frame. The white upholstery contrasts with the bronze feet and embellishments, and the sturdiness of the headboard offers a good base to build the rest of your bedroom off of. 


 leather headboard, dexter
For a cool and streamlined look in an updated bedroom, add a beautifully tailored leather headboard. The darker shades represent strength and can include a buttoned pattern for a clean and more dramatic appearance. Solid leather headboards will anchor a room decorated in bold whites, darker shades and very angular furniture. If you want to create a sense of strength and streamlined appeal within the room, adding the dark leather backboard can prove most effective. Dexter's leather headboard mixes masculine black leather with a rich mahogany base. 


 wesley allen, metal headboard
Wesley Allen
To create a sense of flow through your bedroom, consider metal designs including brass and iron. While not previously considered a popular choice owing to the expense, these styles are dramatic and capture your attention as soon as you walk into a room. The versatile yet solid metals can be twisted and formed into many patterns and shapes.
The use of black iron is certainly a style statement. Twists and curves with a free and open design can produce a whimsical theme for an adult or child’s bedroom. It is a hardy material that will last, but improper design can look very harsh and disrupt the calming effect you wish to create. Brass is a popular option for children’s bedrooms providing yellow posts and a simple finish easy to keep clean. It can be purchased with a soft upholstered center or open slots creating a more spacious feel. Wesley Allen's Hillsboro headboard is classic and versatile. The high metal arches on the backboard create an airy, spacious feel. And the whimsical addition of mini arches within the major arch counteracts the firmness of the iron material. 

Sizes of Headboards

There are many headboard dimensions, the trick is to select a size that adds value to your room rather than detract from it. Bedrooms lacking character and personality can introduce these elements with a large or oversized type of backboard. It commands a presence and will become the first item you notice when entering the room. Whether wooden or material, a large headboard is best in solid designs.


We previously mentioned the purpose of a headboard being aesthetic, but functional design should never be missed. Large open plan rooms can use such furniture to divide the space while storage created as a shelf just above the bed supports an attractive finish with practicality in mind. With a bit of imagination, there are many uses for headboards apart from its great looks.

Creating Balance in Your Bedroom

Headboards are common styles of furniture that play an important role in transforming the appeal and the function of the space. To prevent feeling overpowered by your furniture, ensure that selected headboards are in proportion to the bed. For flow and balance, avoid very pointy edges and purchase furniture with a smooth and even silhouette.
Headboards remain a popular and simple way to change the way your space looks. The right style will balance a bedroom offering tranquility and design to complement your personality. Assessing these factors can help produce appeal, texture and ease of maintenance with the utmost charm.

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